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This Game is about two Circles connected together with a magical line made out of friendship. This connection is the key to your escape from the dangerous vulcanic lands where you woke up without any memories about how you got there. But don't panic, bonfires placed by a strange and soul are leading your way. Some say its a good soul, some say its the dark soul of the devil. But who knows...

Don't hesitate and challange your skill...

INFO:  Controller required

The Green Circle is controlled by the right side of the controller and the red one by the left side.

The corresponding Controlls are:

JumpBumper (L1/R1 or LB/RB)
GrabTrigger (L2/R2 or LT/RT)
Reset to CheckpointBack / Option


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ConnectedCircles.zip 24 MB


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Definitely a high level of finesse required to get far in this game. Meaning I didn't get that far sadly. The controls worked mostly how I expected, but I couldn't figure out how to get some of the smaller or more selected movement to work. The concept though is good, with a joined player that you have to move in tandem. I may come back and give it another shot later as time permits.